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Learn the 3 Golden Rules I’ve used to do over 100+ profitable private lending deals as lender, borrower and broker. 

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Here’s What Some Investors From Our Own Private Lending Program Have to Say

Garnaco Testimonial Tom W

My monthly interest payments show up on time, and I value the fact that I have been able to speak to David directly about any concerns or questions I’ve had throughout.”

Tom W. Ohio

We have always received our interest payments on time, and we enjoy the fact that our investments are also benefitting the community”

Rich and Cindy K. Arizona

“Right now, I am transitioning my retirement portfolio into lower risk lending investments where possible, and I am so far pleased with level of information provided.

Rob B. Texas

About Your Author

David Garner Garnaco

David Garner

I Help Investors Earn Hassle Free, Double-Digit Monthly Cashflow

Hey, thanks for taking the time to read this far…

I’ve been investing in the US housing market since 2010. I’ve bought and sold mortgage notes, rehabbed well over 100 rental properties for our affordable housing program, and I manage over $5 million of OPM (other people’s money) in our Private Lending Program.

When I’m not working on my businesses, I enjoy spending quality time with my Wife and Son, and our 4 miniature dachshunds, Frida, Pickle, Matilda and Barry, as well as competing in Judo tournaments.

I wrote this playbook bit by bit throughout the Covid lockdown. My main goal was to give you enough good quality information to be able to go out there and start looking for private lending deals that work for YOU!

My not-so-secret ulterior motive is to connect and provide some value for those of you might find our own done-for-you Private Lending Program a better fit than going it alone.

Either way, I hope you find value here, and I hope it inspires you and helps you put all the pieces together into a investing strategy that makes sense for you and your family.

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You’ll receive the Private Lending Playbook in your email in 60 seconds

Here’s What You’ll Discover When You Get Your Digital Copy Of The Private Lending Playbook:

Private Lending Explained – What exactly is private lending? Why do real estate investors need to borrow money? what kind of returns can I REALISTICALLY make? I’ve answered these questions, and few more you might not have thought of.

Commercial vs Consumer Lending – Understand the kinds of loans you can (and cannot) originate, so you don’t make the mistake of getting caught up in the highly regulated world of consumer finance and residential mortgage loan origination.

The 4 Pillars of Successful Lending – There are 4 evergreen elements that are fundamental to all successful private lending deal, and in this section I cover each of them in detail.

Terms and Terminology – Do you know the difference between LTV and LTC? What about ITV? Know what you (and others) are talking about with my list of terms and associated terminology.

Loan Types – Different borrowers have different capital requirements, including rehab loans, DSCR loans, and various types of bridge loans. Understanding the needs of the market will help you laser focus on funding loans that meet YOUR requirements as an investor.

Setting Your Own Lending Criteria – Everyone has different goals and risk tolerance when it comes to the investment you make (or don’t). Learn how to set your own lending criteria that will help you find deals that deliver a risk/return profile that meets your need.

Deal Structure & Paperwork – Get to know the paperwork is involved and how to structure your deals to protect your investment.

Loss Mitigation – What is the first rule of investing? Don’t lose money! Learn what you can do before, during and after you lend to minimize your risk of loss if things go wrong (and they sometimes do)!

The Good, Bad and Ugly – I’ve included case studies of 2 deals I did personally… one that worked out beautifully, and one that was a total disaster (the second one is bad AND ugly!).

My 3 Golden Rules – Learn the 3 golden rules I stick to religiously for every deal I do, both personally and on behalf of investors in our Private Lending Program.

How to Find Your Own Deals – 3 methods I’ve personally used to meet real estate investors who will pay you double-digit returns for short term use of your capital.

Get Your Copy Of the Private Lending Playbook Right Now

You’ll receive the Private Lending Playbook in your email in 60 seconds