You Can Own Your Own Home Today!

Can’t find a quality affordable home to buy? Or can’t get a mortgage? We can help! 

We offer affordable homes for sale with buyer assistance, including rent to own and seller financing. Start on you Pathway to Home Ownership and apply today

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You Can Own Your Own Home Today!

We offer affordable homes to purchase with a range of buyer assistance, including rent to own and seller financing. Start your Pathway to Home Ownership today!

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Program Details

Coverage Area
We have affordable homes for sale in Western PA, and our inventory is changing all the time. For a full list of available homes, hit the Apply Now button on this page and fill out the short form.

Screening & Application

  • Credit, background and application check required
  • Cost to apply: FREE

Basic Requirements

  • Monthly income must exceed three times the payment amount
  • Stable employment
  • No history of eviction or pending bankruptcy
  • Min $3,000 down

* Additional requirements may be required.

Eligible Properties

  • Approved properties only. List available by clicking Apply Now button
  • Average price between $30,000 – $100,000
  • Min 2 Bedrooms
  • Single Family Homes

Length of Program

  • Up to 3 years

Program Benefits

  • You can select from any of the homes in our portfolio
  • If we do not have an appropriate home in our inventory, we will actively find one for you
  • You can sign to buy now, and rent your home for up to 3 years before closing
  • 50% of every timely rent check buys you equity
  • Affordable monthly payments in some cases lower than market rents
  • Quick screening process, approval in as little as 2 business days
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