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Note Investing vs Rental Properties

Real Estate Notes vs Rental Properties Real estate is probably the best all round investment you can make, but there are many ways in which [...]

Note Investing vs Rental Properties2021-01-09T07:52:40-08:00

How to Buy Mortgage Notes in 2021

Buying Mortgage Notes in 2021 If you are thinking of adding more passive income to your investment portfolio or retirement account in 2021, then you [...]

How to Buy Mortgage Notes in 20212021-01-09T07:54:43-08:00

Performing Notes for Sale

Find Performing Notes for Sale in 2021 Mortgage notes can be a great investment. If you have the knowledge, time and resources you might want [...]

Performing Notes for Sale2021-01-09T08:08:21-08:00

Top 4 Hard Money Loan Risks and Scams

Hard money and private money loans are an essential part of the real estate ecosystem, but there are more risks to consider than traditional bank [...]

Top 4 Hard Money Loan Risks and Scams2020-11-19T11:01:00-08:00

Is Private Lending Bad or Unethical?

Money lending in general can have a somewhat bad rep, but is it deserved? Private lending fulfills a critical function in the real estate market, [...]

Is Private Lending Bad or Unethical?2020-11-18T09:14:12-08:00
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