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About David Garner

David is a 10-year veteran of the US real estate market. He has traded performing and non-performing mortgages, fixed and flipped houses, and currently oversees a growing 70+ unit rental property portfolio. He serves as Chief Executive Officer for the Garnaco Group of Companies.

Municipal Bonds | Monthly Income Investments

Asset Focus: Municipal Bonds In this latest instalment of our series on investments that produce monthly income, we are talking Municipal Bonds. What are they?, [...]

Municipal Bonds | Monthly Income Investments2021-02-08T08:20:56-08:00

The Most Powerful Force in Investing

The Simple Truth That Will Change Your Perspective Forever If you want to truly take control of your money, and your future financial security, it [...]

The Most Powerful Force in Investing2021-01-28T04:42:19-08:00

The Demise of Cash in a New Normal Economy

The King is Dead How Covid Made the Rich Richer Amidst the economic devastation bought on by Covid-19 in 2020. significant changes are afoot. The [...]

The Demise of Cash in a New Normal Economy2021-01-28T05:07:45-08:00

Is Real Estate Note Investing Risky?

Is Investing in Real Estate Notes Risky? Appetite for alternative assets is bigger than ever, and there is plenty of choice. But by their very [...]

Is Real Estate Note Investing Risky?2021-01-11T08:56:25-08:00
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