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5 of the Best Real Estate Note Investing Podcasts for 2023

Note investing can be a very financially rewarding way to invest in real estate, but there is a lot to learn if you want to be successful. Here’s my top 5 educational podcasts from successful note investors

David Garner
David Garner
Published On: December 12th, 2022

5 of the Best Real Estate Note Investing Podcasts for 2023 

When I first started investing in mortgage notes back in 2010 I had no clue what I was doing, and I made some very costly mistakes.

After a few embarrassing losses, I committed to learning as much as I can about the note investing game, and the very first thing I learned is that the learning never stops.  

In this article you’ll find my list of the top 5 podcasts that will help you achieve your real estate note investing goals by providing you with constant stream of valuable education from leading note investing experts.  

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Mortgage Note Investing Weekly 

Mortgage Note Investing Weekly 

Rick Allen and Brett Burky are the brains behind, the leading online note trading platform where you’ll also find hundreds of mortgage notes for sale. 

Rick is a seasoned professional note investor and note fund manager, and in this podcast the guys talk about all things note investing, covering strategies, tips & expert secrets to help you improve your note investing business. 

Creating Wealth Simplified 

Creating Wealth Simplified  

Chris Seveney is a well-known real estate note investor and has hosted and guested on multiple quality podcasts over the years. 

His Creating Wealth Simplified podcast features expert guests covering all forms of passive real estate investing, with a focus on Chris’s main strategy; note investing. 

 Distressed Real Estate and Note Investing Podcast 

Distressed real estate and note investing 

Join expert note investor, and creator of and BankProspector, Brecht Palumbo as he talks all things passive investing in real estate, with a specific focus on real estate note investing. 

Brett’s expert guests include note investing professionals covering a range of specialist subjects, from buying performing notes, to structuring your investments and raising private capital for note investing. 

 Good Deeds Note Investing Podcast 

Good deeds note investing  

Another fine offering from Chris Seveney, this time with his co-host – experienced note investor and note fund manager; Jamie Bateman. 

I had the pleasure of guesting on this fantastic podcast some months ago, and these guys really know their stuff, especially when it comes to investing in non-performing notes. 

Owner Financing & Note Investing Podcast with Dawn Rickabaugh 

Owner financing & note investing  

Dawn Rickabaugh is a real estate and note investor, writer, educator and author of “Seller Financing on Steroids“.   

In Dawn’s note investing podcast, she reviews real note investment deals, conducts Q&A sessions, addresses the real estate market in general, and offers up useful tools and resources for budding note investors. 

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