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Grupo Aval | Monthly Dividend Stocks

David Garner
David Garner
Published On: November 8th, 2021

Monthly Dividend Stock | NYSE: AVAL

Founded in 1994, Grupo Aval is Colombia’s largest banking group and is also one of the most profitable banking groups in Central America.

  • Market Capitalization: $662.6bn
  • Dividend Yield: 4.76% pa (October, 21)

The stock is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker AVAL, and the company currently distributes dividends on a monthly basis, making it an potential candidate for investors seeking investments that pay monthly income.

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Business Overview

Grupo Aval’s mission is to provide their clients with safe, easy to access, socially responsible financial solutions.

Through diversification strategy and a prudent approach to risk management, AVAL has remained strong through the pandemic. Their ethos is transparency and integrity and they have received many awards both locally and internationally. Their total assets are valued at $322.9 tr.

Grupo Aval is a large Latin American banking conglomerate that pays common stockholders monthly dividends


Luis Carlos – President. He has held this position with AVAL since 2000. Prior to this he served at First Bank of the Americas, and Proctor and Gamble. He holds a Batchelor of Science Degree, Magna cum Laude, in civil engineering from the University of Miami and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance from the Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University.

Diego Fernando Solano – Chief financial Officer. He has been with the group since 2006. Previously he served at McKinsey & Co and Banco de Santander Colombia. He holds a Degree in Systems Engineering from the Universidad de los Andes and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Diego Rodrieguez – Chief Risk Management Officer since 1999. Mr Rodriguez previously worked at Bank of America and ING. He holds a Batchelors Degree in Business Management and a Master in Business Administration from George Washington University.

Carlos Ernesto Perez – Chief Strategy Officer. He has held this role since 2012 and formerly worked as CEO of Barclays in Spain. He holds a Degree in Industrial Engineering from Universidad Javerina and graduate studies in Business Management from Universidad del Rosario.

Rodolfo Velez – Vice President of Shared Services Grupo Aval since 2012. Previously served at Banco AV Villas. He holds a Degree in Systems Engineering from the Universidad de los Andes, a telecommunication speciality from Aden Business School and MIT.

Rafael Eduardo Neira – Vice President of Internal Control since 2009. He formerly served at Banco davivienda. He holds a Degree in Accounting from the Universidad Jorge Tadeo Losano and in Banking Management from Universidad de los Andes.

Gorge Adrian Rincon – Chief Legal Counsel since 2012. He previously served at Banco de Bogota and holds a degree in Law from the Universidad Autonoma de Bucaramanga and a Master’s in International Business Law from Queen Mary university and Westfield College, University of London.

Stock Price and Dividends

At the time of writing Aval stock has received growing interest from investors. With a 4- week price change of 4.3%, the stock has gained 8.3% over the past 12 weeks.

AVAL currently has a beta of 0.71% over 5 years which indicates that the stock moves fast and higher than the market in either direction.

With a 52-week range of $4.40 to $7.03 the stock pays an annual yield of 4.76% p.a., with monthly dividend distributions.

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